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People who are doing well seem to know what to do for continued success. An interesting sight during a Cee4Bee networking event captured in the picture below saw both invited speakers for the night – Cllrs Florence Eshalomi and Mr Kwame Twum-Danso, finding time during the evening to connect with each other. As these things often turn out, they discovered during their conversation that their office location was in close proximity to each other and immediately discussed how to catch up soon after the event.

Your guess is as good as ours how this connection may turn out for both of them. Little wonder things happen for both of them as heard from the stories both shared during the night. Cllr Florence becoming a councillor at the young age of 25 years with an overwhelming number of votes and Kwame shared how a contact he had met 10 years earlier helped him secure a mouth-watering role in Kenya soon after leaving HSBC.

Are you one of those who hide away, shy away, fear a lot, lack trust in others, is afraid to connect, or mind your business unnecessarily (you know what we mean)? We suspect if you are, there just might be things out there that may be passing you by. We recall the popular belief that those who put themselves out there for luck are the ones who get lucky. ‘One has to play the lottery to win the lottery’ is what is often quoted. Whilst we acknowledge that you might still win something big in your life without playing the game however whatever you win is not the lottery if you never played.

Consider a delegate’s feedback after attending just one Cee4bee networking event – ‘I have met someone at the event who is helping me achieve my goals’. How did it happen? The delegate in question attended an event where it so happens that there was another delegate who provided coaching services and as soon as they were able to connect after the event – bang! The next step is birthed! This may have been difficult if the delegate remained at home.

It is no longer a surprise for instance that experts say over 80% of jobs are no longer advertised, Glen is one of the many writers to ascertain this (link). Glen, a seasoned executive coach cites for example that 20% of positions are filled through employee referrals alone.  Same can be said of other opportunities which are no longer easily available or easily detectable in the public space for very many reasons. And so one of the many popular solutions is networking which Glen says in its simplest form is reaching out for help.

Reaching out for help can be done in various ways with the common denominator been visibility. Whilst understandably many reasons exist that make some members of the BME  community hide away, our call through this article is for members of the community to find their own way to be more visible as much as possible. Go out, speak out, ask for help, put yourself forward, attend events like ours, be interesting, network and connect with fellow community members and allies so that you can learn of hidden opportunities and hopefully be ahead in harnessing them as they become available.

The benefits are immense and available not only the most privileged of the community but for all.

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‘Connect4Better’ (Cee4Bee) life Chances

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