Connect4Better Life Chances!

It gladdens us each time we hear about how our network is helping someone out there. We are quite excited too to share the news, not only to engender readers to Connect4Better (Cee4Bee) and its work, but most importantly to keep fostering the importance networking will play in helping our community achieve the desired success. Please read the testimonial below from a past attendee of one of our events:

“I spoke with a man at the last Cee4Bee event (9th April 2016) about starting my own thing and he mentioned he knows someone who is starting a business in line with my idea who was looking for people to be part of their team.  We exchanged details and he connected me to that person. I had a meeting with their team ending last month, I shared my ideas and asked me to do some demo. They seemed to like me and said they’d get back to me. I got a call yesterday (16th May) from one of them saying they really liked the idea and would be interested in having me on their team. They now want to meet me on Saturday (21st May) to discuss further which is great”

Yes, it can be that easy to help someone even when you have never seen them before. Results may not be immediate, but moving in the right direction. Very relevant to this discuss is the picture below received from another past attendee, take note specifically the line “no man becomes great on his own”. It is obvious that we all need people in our lives as the people around us makes us great.

We wish this fella all the best with their new business relationships and Cee4Bee does appreciate the attendee who gave the referral.  For other attendees, please send your stories to us, there are always a lesson for others – the benefit of connecting, helping and moving us forward. Our focus is to continue to implement intentional practical solutions including but not limited to hosting free network events and campaigns to our community, hopefully generating such stories as above in greater numbers.

‘Connect4Better’ (Cee4Bee) life Chances

Get involved, join our campaign, let’s connect to help less opportuned Black Africans in UK and future generations will be grateful. Like/share this post; drop your comments and ideas. (This post was written by AOA, contact –