Connect4Better Life Chances!

When our network (Cee4Bee – Connect4Better), was set up to connect Black Africans in UK with the objectives of helping ourselves to progress through the success ladder, the first set of stakeholders loved the idea, embraced the mission and gave the necessary impetus to take the network forward. After running just three events, the stories we were hoping for are beginning to trickle in. To motivate those who have believed in our vision, have attended our events and to encourage everyone to maximise the events, please read the testimonial below from a past attendee:

‘As a young person currently completing my post graduate studies, I was always had an interest in meeting as many people as possible in a networking environment. At the Cee4Bee February 2016 event, I connected with one of the ladies I continued to show interest in the conversation, despite her not working in my profession. I soon discovered she had worked in top global organisations that are of interest, she held senior positions in two of them, including working as a group head of a division. She was interesting as we chatted on and willing to help in any way that I wanted. We exchanged contact details and that was it – bang!

A few days later, my new network shared with me an amazing contact that was in my field and was working with one of the top global firms in London, an organisation where knowing an employee was always going to be a privilege. It so turns out that the contact was black African too, a PHD holder from –the University of Cambridge.  I made contact and to my surprise he was inspirational and a top professional who I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting if not for the Cee4Bee event.

A week after the event, I was having a coaching session with someone totally new who instilled the confidence to continue my career aspiration,   and prepared me for my forthcoming interview. The support, advice and encouragement was remarkable from someone I was meeting for the first time, and who has promised to continue to support me whenever the need arises. I finally have a role model who looks like me (a black African) ahead on the career ladder in this part of the world – this is the motivation I need to never to give up.’

We at Cee4Bee are very delighted to hear this story and really want to appreciate both givers in this story for their donation of time and resource. For other attendees, please send your stories to us, there are always a lesson for others – the benefit of connecting. Our focus is to continue to implement intentional practical solutions including but not limited to hosting free network events and campaigns to our community, hopefully generating such stories as above in greater numbers.

‘Connect4Better’ (Cee4Bee) life Chances

Get involved, join our campaign, let’s connect to help less opportuned Black Africans in UK and future generations will be grateful. Like/share this post; drop your comments and ideas. (This post was written by AOA, contact –