Connect4Better Life Chances!

Most of us love the Christmas season, the greeting cards, Christmas lunches/dinner/party at work, the shopping, the gifts to loved ones, the donations to many charities, carols, beautiful decorations in the streets and homes and many more. The entire period is formally or informally tagged by most people as a period to show love to their loved ones and for a few others, it is a period to attend to the needy out there in our society. It is a happy period! And this is no exception for those of us from the black African community in UK.

If the idea of Christmas is widely accepted and celebrated so much, have you then imagined how the world or our African community would be if every day was Christmas? Many more lives touched; many happier people and perhaps arguably less time to suffer for more people. If so, what rules, traditions and laws hold us back from doing just that? Remember those gifts finish quickly or are used up quicker than you imagine and the feeling of love displayed is gradually expended, meaning that people return to their pre-Christmas state sooner or later.

Remember, the pre-Christmas state of many black Africans in UK may well be at significant disadvantage to your own position: They could be earning less than you, and as a consequence have a lower standard of living, with less food in the fridge, little or no family holidays, no support for the children’s education, reduced support network of friends and family and overall less opportunities to progress their lives. Why can’t we strive to bring joy to these ones every day?

Don’t wait till the next Christmas or next big celebration to enact some of the love themes you just displayed a couple of weeks ago. Go about your life everyday deliberately thinking about how you may make someone happy, better, richer and healthier because ‘the best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others’ – Mahatma Gandhi. Tell your stories, give counsel, share your ambition, be a mentor, teach a skill, give a valuable introductory link, give yourself and make every day Christmas for our community. Let’s do it, let’s do it more!

Get involved, join our campaign, let’s connect to help less opportuned Black Africans in UK and future generations will be grateful. Like/share this post; drop your comments or ideas.