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The reasons for the poverty statistics for Black Africans in UK are gradually becoming apparent. Speaking at the Cee4Bee event in April 2016, Yemisi Jenkins who recently was honoured in UK with an MBE by the Queen expressed the fact that Africans are missing their community spirit. Most members of the community now work in silos, rarely checking or working towards the welfare of other members of the society.  She further expressed her dissatisfaction on the reality that most members do not look out as much as they could for others, only concentrating on their own/family affairs.

A story was shared on the evening about an African who was going to take out a loan of just above £500 from a loan shark because of their immediate needs. The charges, as expected, were above 50% interest rate with repayment spread over two years. What slavery! Is this not an obvious route to poverty? Not surprisingly, another event attendee corroborated the story with the example of yet another African taking out £800 for similar rates! And of course you obviously know someone else in the African community in that same position, right? Why anyone should suffer in that way in this day and age is the question from one of the conveners of the event. Where have we gone wrong as a community? What more can we do to avoid such scenarios?

Enough of dying in silence and poverty, it is time for all to stand up, go on and ask for help from your network and community. Let us reduce slavery and poverty caused by those loan sharks. Those of us who are more privileged are encouraged to give help to someone, go out intentionally and look for those in such situations. Give them information, give counsel, come together and crowd source for such people.

There will always be someone who suspects that borrowers will not repay the loans or perhaps someone reading this write-up now has had a bad experience of a borrower not repaying . That is indeed a possibility and an obvious risk but like with most things under the sun, there is a risk! Since the risk associated with driving a car (including death and unrecoverable injuries) does not stop us all from driving, it is time to find mitigating solutions to such risks that may stop us from helping our community members out of loan shark slavery and similar other forms of slavery.

Share this and together we may be saving someone and their children! 

‘Connect4Better’ (Cee4Bee) life Chances

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